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Get Real Estate on the Suncoast is a half hour television program previously telecast on Thursdays and Saturdays on SNN Local News – the only station covering Sarasota, Manatee and Charlotte Counties.

Each week, Casey Colburn took questions directly from viewers during the show’s “Get Real Answers” segment, providing viewers with information to help them make smart real estate choices.

Watch Clips:

EP1: What is the Sarasota 2050 Plan?
Casey briefly explains the Sarasota County 2050 Plan. (April 2013)
EP1: How could the Sarasota 2050 Plan be refined?
Here’s what’s most important to land owners and potential investors in Sarasota County. (April 2013)
EP1: How can land conservation be part of smart planning and development?
We talk with Sean Byrne, former in-house counsel for the Conservation Foundation of the Gulf Coast, about which tools can be used for strategic land conservation. (April 2013)
EP2: Can a seller back out of a sales contract with a home buyer?
It depends. Here are the circumstances under which a home seller may back out of sales contract. (April 2013)
EP2: What if I move, change jobs, or become unemployed after signing a purchase agreement on a new home?
The builder contracts generally favor the builder, so know what you’re getting into before signing a purchase agreement on a new home. (April 2013)
EP3: How does politics influence real estate in Florida?
What does politics have to do with real estate in Florida? Everything. Here’s why the politics of North Port, FL might deter would-be real estate investors. (May 2013)
EP4: Florida Legislature limits liability for individual design professionals
In 2013, Gov. Scott signed into law SB 286, which redefined the term “Design Professional” under Section 558..002 of the Florida Statutes to include architects, landscape architects, interior designers, engineers and geologists, while limiting their individual liability from claims of negligence. (May 2013)
EP5: If I live on the water in Florida, what are my “riparian rights?”
Riparian rights are unique in Florida, so waterfront property owners should pay attention to them. (June 2013)
EP5: What is “power of attorney” and how does it relate to real estate deals?
Here’s how a power of attorney may be used in real estate transactions in Florida. (June 2013)
EP6: What are the advantages and disadvantages to purchasing a short sale or foreclosure?
While you can get a deal on a short sale or a foreclosure, it often comes at a cost. (July 2013)