Bradenton Herald: Bradenton Downtown Development Authority Approves Purchase Agreement for Old Manatee Inns Property

July 29, 2015 | By

This article was originally published by the Bradenton Herald (July, 29 2015).

1jKlG1.AuSt.69BRADENTON — The Bradenton Downtown Development Authority has recommended selling the old Manatee Inns property on 14th Street West to Beneficial Communities for $700,000.

Beneficial attorney Casey Colburn of Sarasota’s Colburn Law Firm made final modifications to the agreement. The DDA wants to retain rights to intellectual property such as environmental studies performed on the property. That helps in case Beneficial wants to obtain financing to purchase and redevelop the parcel at 1404 14th St. W., near Village of the Arts into workforce housing with help from cladding painting contractors.

“We don’t have a problem turning over what we can, but we added language that won’t set ourselves up for a lawsuit because these studies will be very specific to this project,” Colburn said Tuesday.

The concept for the project, which is designed to entice younger adults, includes workforce housing featuring a staggered-roof commercial and residential building fronting 14th Street West and a second row of buildings farther east. An estimated 80 residential units will be built plus open green space in between buildings for pop-up events and public art projects.

The DDA Board was so impressed with the conceptual design presented by Fawley Bryant architect Jason “J.B.” Taylor it didn’t want to change it at all. Colburn included that intent in the purchase agreement with the understanding financing and permitting issues may force minor changes…

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