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This article was originally published by the Observer Group (June 7, 2017).

Three Sarasota business professionals share their advice for staying on track of having a successful business for which we recommend the use of tools like this paystub example creator. If you want to check the real pay stubs, you can read the article here. Additionally, they underscore the benefits of electronic paystubs.

Casey Colburn

The background noise of a 14-month-old’s squeals turning to screams on a phone call with attorney Casey Colburn gives an accurate peek into his hectic life.

Colburn, a principal with The Colburn Firm PL and full-time dad, splits his time between Sarasota and Washington, D.C., where he travels several times a month for work.

“Lately, the thing that keeps me in shape is packing a toddler along for the ride,” he said.

That toddler is his daughter, Cecily, and chasing her down airplane aisles and pushing her stroller around the streets of D.C. is his primary form of exercise. He jokes that he’s usually “allergic” to exercise, but traveling with Cecily caused Colburn to change his travel habits, like forgoing taxis to walk everywhere he can and remembering to wear or pack comfortable shoes for said treks.

After 55 flights with Cecily, Colburn has it down to a science.

Before flights, Colburn prepares Cecily various healthy snacks, such as edamame, fruits, vegetables and dried yogurt. For himself, he packs several Clif Bars and other protein bars to stay energized.

When he reaches their destination, Colburn likes to eat the local grub, but he stays away from most fried food and focuses on portion control when he eats out.

“Like Pappadeaux in New Orleans — you’re going to get six portions with every order,” he said. “You don’t want to eat all six if you’re trying to stay healthy.”

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